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  • <span class="section-title-border">Collaborating with Influencers to Amplify Your Brand</span>
    01. Collaborating with Influencers to Amplify Your Brand
    Welcome to Cashback.ME Influencer Marketing Program!We believe in power of influential voices to engage and inspire audiences and are excited to partner with the talented influencer to take our brand to the new heights. Join us in creating impactful content and connecting with our audience in the most compelling and authentic way.

Why Choose Us?

We value creativity, authenticity and meaningful collaboration that are established to mutually benefit both partners. Our influencers can share their unique perspectives while promoting us in different ways with their followers

It's time to tum your
content into unlimited rewards

Make bigger profits and increase your social folowing by participating in the ‘Cashback ME influencer program and get paid to promote us and your favourite brands too. Join us and become Cashback ME ambassadors and gat paid for promoting us with your fronds and followers.

Your Content can take you to best next level

Earn instant rewards and bonus by promoting the top brands and products on your channels and work closely with us to drive better opportunities and prospects for growth and increased profits.

How To Collaborate With Us?

Join our Influencer Program and Earn Cashback Rewards with Every Referral:

  • Join us
    01Join us
    Fill the form and share with us your website, social media handles and previous collaborations.
  • Review
    We will review your eligibility and upon compatibility with your our brand values and audience
  • Approval
    Upon reviewing your performance, we will give feedback and approval
  • <span class="section-title-border">How Can Influencer's Earn?</span>
    01. How Can Influencer's Earn?
    At Cashback.ME Influencer Program, you will get access to unlimited exclusive offers and discounts from top brands across Middle East. You will be paid a commission on every referral or completed sale upon promoting different offers, stores and discounts codes.

Promotional Campaigns At Cashback.ME

  • 01.
    Promote Cashback.ME offers and different discount offers to your audience via our promocodes and link offers
  • 02.
    Promote different stores and their exclusive offers with the custom coupon code generated for every influencer

Influencer Rewards

Influencer will get rewards upon every successful sign up using custom referral code with a lifetime commission on every successful transaction completed through custom code.

Exclusive Offer From Top Brands

We will create exclusive offers of some top Middle East brands with a specific coupon code that only the influencer will be able to promote and upon redemption of that specific code, the influencer will get sign up reward along with a certain percentage of the lifetime successful purchases completed.

Being a brand ambassador at Cashback ME and promoting different brands you will receive referral bonus plus cashback rewards with your custom code redemption every single time!

Top Benefits

  •  Amplify your Reach
  • Authentic Engagement
  •  Creative Freedom
  • Competitive Compensation